Our goal is to see that children irrespective of caste, creed, religion, gender and socio-economic status reap the benefits of a first-class education.

Our mission is to help produce teachers who are not only academically brilliant, but also understand the essence of spirituality;teacher who represent the right combination of intelligence, emotions, values, life-skills and communication abilities.

A circle is a round shape- that is fact. It is also a metaphor for life, if the English language is to be believed the circle of life, life coming full circle and other such phrases bear testimony to the meaning encircled within the shape. I is also something that affords a 360 degree view of things, a holistic understanding of a subject.

The square is an intriguing shape.Everything being equal,symmetry is the bedrock of the shape,It also hip to be square, according to the English language.

Our effort is an attempt to give a holistic viewpoint to the symmetry of education, a 360 degree, well rounded view of what we aim to do- with the kind of education we impart. Exploring angles such as social responsibility, multi-disciplinary approach and the accent on research, we hope to square our shoulders to bear gracefully the burden of expectations that a premier institution such as R. S. Sharda Devi Education College has to bear.

Last but not the Least:-

“anything worth doing is worth doing well”

…and for this our Institution welcomes you!


It was noticed that Bihar alone requires more than 150,000 trained teachers every year but has just enough infrastructure to produce not more than 4000 teachers annually. Even these teachers are not very well trained as far as the true sense of teacher “Guru” is concerned. Besides, the requirement of trained teachers would be growing every years as the population would grow. So, RSSDEC decided to take the onus on itself to establish B. Ed and D.EI.Ed College at vaishali where it could nurture teachers who could combine tradition with modernity. There has to be amalgamation of the “Guru-Shishya Parampara” with the modern scientific techniques and attitude. The teacher has to be a complete “Guru” to prepare students with right “sanskar”, who could not only be good human beings and responsible citizens, but would also be aware of their duties(dharma)and rights(adhikar),compassionate persons with all the desired human values and beliefs.