Modern Society demands high standards of education. It is important to understand that teaching is an evolving skill because a good teacher like a good student keeps on learning within a framework of information. Teaching and learning go hand in hand and truly, teaching is a life long profession which makes it very important for schools to invest immensely in professional development of staff. Professional development is the need of the hour and continuous teaching training / enhancement is necessary for teachers to equip themselves and cater seamlessly to the 21st century learner.

Good teacher training leads to positive learning environments and in turn this leads to happy children’s who are more than willing to come to school. Mentoring and coaching too, form a part of teacher training which helps teachers learn from best practices and analyze and reflect on their teaching.

Thus, ongoing Professional Development is critical part of the teaching-learning process. Good training puts emphasis on updating teachers with latest research in the education field. Learn, Unlearn and Relearn is the only pathway to be successful and outstanding teacher..

Dr. Sujata Anand